Method of Mental Transformation &
Karma Cleansing Technique


KEY knowledge has been known to Initiates of all times, races and civilizations and has been used as a tool to master the mind in order to avoid suffering.

This knowledge emerges and temporarily disappears from the field of human consciousness, but always returns as a help to those who wish to cognize the nature of human mind, the roots of suffering caused by thoughts and actions and the laws of Karma. There is no need to believe or not to believe if the KEY method works or not. An ancient knowledge that remains present at the very core of the KEY method needs no faith and will be perceived by those who are ready for it.

The essence of the KEY knowledge has never been changed, only the ways of transferring this knowledge and the words that are used to describe it would change in order to reflect the influences of these exact times and in order to be be understood by people of this period of time.

‘KEY’ is a modern method of mental transformation, based on the perpetual Laws of Mind and Laws of Karma that allows you to see how the mind creates a problem that has nothing to do with the Present moment, no matter how “real” it may appear to the mind. KEY is a method of mental transformation and karma cleansing technique.

KEY does not cultivate wandering in the maze of internal conflicts and self-absorption, but helps a person to recognize that he reacts and perceives the present moment through the prism of the past that no longer exists, and that if one cease to live in the past, the “present” conflicts and issues would not exist any more. KEY brings you back to Reality.

KEY erases your Karma and stops the Wheel of Cause and Effect. KEY prevents the projection of sufferings and mistakes of the Past into the Present and Future, giving you a chance to live happily with awareness, free from suffering in the only one real moment - “Here and Now”. Once it is realized how the Mind works and how to live life not being dependent on it, one becomes free from him- self, his limitations, stereotypes, emotional traumas, from the negative experience of the past and from the illusion that a problem exists in the present.

KEY is not a “magic wand” for irritability because of the bad weather or toothache. KEY will not help to avoid the physical suffering - though it may help to realize what energy or mental condition caused a disease that manifest- ed on a physical level – but it will neutralize numerous emotional and mental issues stored deep inside the human psyche and negatively affect all the aspects of his life , such as: inner fears and destructive attitude towards your self, conflicts in personal relationships, lack of understanding between parents and kids, friends and loved ones, problems at work and so on. These and other mental problems disappear after application of the KEY Method.

KEY does not “solve” the problem, but makes you see that there is nothing to solve. KEY Method takes only 1,5 hours to get the problem out of your Mind and Present Reality and to neutralize its Karmic pattern.

KEY consists of 5 PASSAGES, applied one after another in a strict order
right on the peak of the conflict and in a midst of most destructive emotions.

Recognize and declare “I am emotional”

Any conflict or any problem will always carry an emotional charge. The first thing you need at the very moment of any emotional experience is to realize that you are being emotional. Acknowledge this realization by pronounc- ing it aloud, admit it to yourself if you are alone or say it to another person who you experience a conflict with, using three simple words - “I Am Emotional.” This is the most important and effective step to start with, the First Passage to pass.

Emotion is the by-product of Ego and the sign that Ego is at work at this exact moment. It is a function of Ego to create emotions, so Ego will try to resist this confession and will find a lot of reasons to convince you not to pronounce these words. Ego will tell you that you are obviously right and other one is wrong, that you have a right to blame others, because they did this or said that. The harder it is for you to admit out loud”I am emotional”, the more Ego is at work and the more necessary it is for you to admit this. Recognition itself is the destroyer of Ego.

Recognition of your state of mind at this moment instantly redirects the focus of your attention from external reactions to internal Self and allows you to see that the problem exists within you. It gives you an opportunity to see your own participation in supporting the conflict and keeping it alive. Therefore Acknowledgement leads you to stop trying to find out who is right and who is wrong.

In any conflict the task is not to find the innocent and the guilty, but to see your own role in this, your internal re- action, your contribution to the creation of this problem. That is why the Recognition is so important – to Recog- nize is to admit that there is something inside You that reacts on it. It doesn’t mean that the other one can not be wrong – but even if he is, it doesn’t matter as the priority is to see what is going on inside you, what is it in you that reacts and therefore needs to be healed.

Recognition motivates you to take the responsibility for your own role in the problem and redirects your atten- tion internally, from others to your Self, preparing the ground for future conflict resolution. The mere Recognition brings Awareness and destroys the Ego.

Identify and name your emotion

When you found yourself in a midst of a conflict with someone, be it a family member, a colleague or a friend - after you have acknowledged in words the fact that you’re being emotional - request for some privacy, explaining that in your present state you cannot continue the discussion and that you need some time alone to restore the inner balance. Simply let the person know that you will return to him later when you are in a different condition. If it was an inner conflict provoked by something, not by someone particular, step back and move over its origin.

After you shifted your attention inward and obtained your solitude you are now able to examine the situation better. Ask yourself: “Which feeling and what emotion this problem evokes in me and have I ever experienced this exact feeling or emotion inside me before?”

Now let this feeling or emotion that is present behind the problem to open fully inside you. While it’s still fresh and obvious in the body, while it’s still running through the veins and fills the heart, give it your full attention – feel this resentment, anger, frustration, fear, bewilderment or other emotion that you experience. Let this feeling fully manifest in you, get it out of the depths of your essence onto the surface of the consciousness – so you could detect it and define it in words. It can be a feeling of “I’m scared,” “I’m not worthy”, “Nobody loves me”, “I’m no use to anyone”, “I’m not respected”, “I’m not taken into consideration”, etc. Whatever it feels – detect it and name it. No matter what does the situation look like on the outside, inside it is always a basic deep-rooted emo- tion generated in the past.

The task of the Second Passage is to see and Identify this emotion and realize that this emotion already have been experienced before, in the past. All negative emotions in the present have its roots in the situations from the past, be it a distant past, childhood or the situation of one or two months.

We may not remember it, not notice it, not believe it and feel that the problem have emerged arose just a minute ago, but with rising of your awareness you will see that this is an illusion and that every negative emotion, fear, resentment, etc. No matter how real and fresh they may seem and feel at the moment, there is always a root that lies in the past. This Root is like an invisible splinter that once got stuck and then keeps producing pain over and over again - for months, years and decades, causing you suffering.

This is Karma - the influence of the Past on the Present and the Future. The consequences of an event, expe- rience, action or thought happened in the past and their echoes in the present. This is what makes us react the way we react and not differently.

Developing the power of Awareness and applying the KEY, you will be able to accurately define what karmic pat- tern is activated at the moment and be able to neutralize it. Karma is in our minds. KEY method gives the method of mind transformation that neutralizes karmic patterns.

At the Second Passage, Identification, also try the idea that this particular identified emotion or reaction is not emerging at the first time, but occurred before, that your mind and energy system is already familiar with it and your psyche has experienced it earlier, that this karmic pattern is activated again and that it arises from the past.
However, our conscious mind is not always immediately able to realize it and not always ready to open to this understanding. Many emotions are so deeply hidden under the protective reaction of the psyche that they can not be easily detected in the past. This happens primarily because at this stage the emotional charge is still too strong and does not allow us to see clearly, and secondly, because the strong defense mechanisms of the psyche protect us from the traumatic experience forcing us to “forget it”. Focus not on the logical recollection, but on the intuitive knowledge and feeling within wether you felt it before or not. Sometimes vague intuitive feeling gives better understanding than logical work of the mind.

If this still does not give you an insight into the situation from the past, at this stage focus only on the Identifica- tion and verbal definition of the emotion you experience at the moment and move on to the next Passage. Some- times the emotional state blocks the mind, body and energy, so that it is impossible to see its root in the past. But it becomes obvious when the initial emotional wave is calmed down. So do not loose heart and do not worry, you will get back to this after the next Passage is passed.

Release your body using a 30-minute sequence of energy exercises

After the First Passage of RECOGNITION, where we have realized the very existence of the internal problem, and after the Second Passage of IDENTIFICATION, where we have identified the problem in words and may even have gotten a glimpse of its existence in the past, noticing an active karmic pattern being present, now you need to release your body and your energy system from its influence and from its potential negative consequences.

Our body stores the energy of any problem that exists in mind. The body should be released from it in order to function properly otherwise its energies get blocked and negatively affect meridians, chakras and the whole energy system. When you feel emotions, a huge dose of adrenaline is released into the blood stream where it keeps running for 21 minute more. It disrupts the blood’s chemical balance, poisons the body, causes the muscle tension, weakens the kidneys and other internal organs.

30-minute set of energy exercises removes the adrenaline from the blood stream, neutralizes emotional stress, relieves anxiety and obsessions, dissolves psycho-mental toxins. KEY is working with those parts of the body that tend to accumulate toxins of stress - face, jaw, neck and shoulder area, the area between the shoulder blades, the diaphragm, abdomen, and the connective tissue of the body.

When a person gets emotional, he loses his body awareness and gets detached from the body. So bring your sense of balance and awareness back to the body by placing attention to the feet and feeling the connection to Earth. Ground and open the feet chakras (Pada Chakras) which play an important role in the release of negative energy from the body to the Earth. Visualize these chakras opening to the Earth and releasing negative energy down, out of your body. This is best done in Tadasana standing with eyes closed, drawing attention to the body and feet. The process of Grounding should be held no more than five minutes.

After Grounding but before the switch from Tadasana to the next pose, set an Intention to burn the emotional toxins and begin the KEY Sequence*.

KEY Sequence finishes with Savasana (resting on the floor). This last pose should never be missed as it is the crucial part of the practice: Savasana balances, settles the energy and makes you ready for the next most import- ant 4th Passage “MIND RELEASE” and the 5th Passage “REALITY“.

* You can get a 30-minute KEY Sequence of energy exercises, learn more how to use Intention and read the last two Passages in the book “KEY". To download the book EMAIL US.